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What Is File Form LLC-12?

Form LLC-12 assists the state in keeping track of address changes, managers, agents, and members of LLC. The form, which was previously known as LLC-12R, also referred as the Statement of Information (SOI), form. Section 17060 of the California Corporations Code contains information regarding statutory filing.

The Form LLC-12 is a form that every limited liability corporation must fill and submit with the State of California within 90 days of registration and every two years afterward.

The Secretary of State of California requires all LLCs (international as well as domestic) to file a CA Form LLC-12 on a first registration or creation, and then every two years to sustain good standing.

Which Businesses Use Form LLC-12?

If you are a limited liability company doing work in California, you must file LLC 12 form.

To start a business in California, a domestic or a foreign limited liability company must register with the California Secretary of State.

The LLC then must file an LLC-12 every 2 years to keep its company information up to date and maintain a positive status on record.

If any of the following information has changed since the prior filing, the form completed:

The company’s name.

Its physical location.

The name and residence of its representative.

The type of the business.

The name and residence of the CEO, manager(s), and board member(s).

If there are no changes to the company’s information, a new form called the ‘LLC-12NC’ is used.

Only corporations with an “active” status can file the LLC-12 form. Check the status of your organization. Businesses that haven’t filed LLC-12 papers for several years may have their status “forfeited” or “suspended.” Consult the Franchise Tax Board, or FTB, to reactivate your business.

When To File CA LLC 12 Form

For every limited liability corporation created or registered in California:

• It is mandatory to file an LLC a maximum of 90 days after its registration

• It is mandatory to file an LLC in maximum of 90 days after its registration

LLCs which formed in an even year, its website is In even years, File LLC 12 should filed.

And the LLCs which formed in an odd year should submit their LLC-12 each odd year.

All LLCs have a six-month constitutional filing window in which they have to submit their LLC 12 either digitally from the web or by mail.

It is essential for an LLC not to exceed its filing date for the LLC-12 form as there is a $250 fee for late filing under Taxation Code Sections 17713.09

How Form LLC-12 California Works

Online LLC 12 Filing

The State of California provides an LLC 12 Form online filing service that allows LLC owners to file their California Form LLC-

The State of California provides an LLC-12 Form online filing service that allows LLC owners to file their California Form LLC-12

Status of LLC

 An LLC must have an active or suspended/forfeited status on the California records in order to file a statement of information form LLC 12.

If you are unsure about your LLC’s status, you may search it up in the California Business Search Database.

LLCs with suspended or forfeited status need to solve their issue before filing their LLC-12 online or in PDF format.


 The following costs apply to LLC 12 online or paper filing:

• Initial filing fee: $20.00

• Periodic filing ($20 every two years):

There are no costs if you file your Form LLC 12 statement of information after the initial filing date (or necessary filing date) criteria are satisfied.


The processing delays may be obtained by visiting the California Secretary of State’s “current processing dates” page.

If you want your LLC 12 Form or LLC 12 NC completed quickly, try submitting it online.

Content of Form LLC-12

The following is a list of the information that you must include in the LLC-12 Form:

  • Name of Limited Liability Company
  • Secretary of State Entity Number (12 digits) (or file Number)
  • State, foreign country, or organizational location (if the LLC is from outside of California)
  • Company address
  • Name and address of the manager and members
  • Information on who will served with the process
  • The kind of your business
  • The name and residence of the CEO, if one is chosen.

How to Complete Form LLC-12

The form can be filed by any authorized company member. Form LLC12 can be obtained from the California Secretary of State’s website. 

You can fill out the form online or mail it to the Secretary of State along with a $20 payment. 

Every field should be filled out carefully.

The first filing should be complete in general, but if minimal information has changed, you can save time on subsequent files by ticking the box “No Change Statement,” which allows you to skip sections of the form.

Companies having more than one manager or member should use the Attachment to Statement of Information, commonly known as Form LLC12A, to attach the data of additional managers and members to their LLC-12 forms.

State of California Resources

If you need to mail your SI-500 Form to the Secretary of State, use the address below:

California Secretary of State

 Statement of Information Unit

 P.O. Box 944230

 Sacramento CA 94244-2300

You can also drop off your documents at:

California Secretary of State

 Business Program Division

 1500 11th Street

 Sacramento CA 95814 

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