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  • Fremont Business Permit
  • Different Types of Business Licenses
  • Avoid Penalties
  • Information needed to provide while applying for my Fremont company tax certificate
  • What if I want to run my company from home?
  • What fees may I anticipate incurring?

Fremont Business Permit

If you want to operate a business in Alameda County, you must get a business license in the city where your company will be situated. A business license is often known as a ‘company tax certificate.’ Furthermore, depending on the kind of company you are starting, you may need extra licenses or certifications, such as a seller’s permission if you are selling things.

How to Apply for a Business License

The business licenses you need are determined by the industry of your business, the goods or services you choose to offer, and, of course, the location in which you want to operate it. Permits and business licenses will change across cities, states, and counties. The business licenses and permissions you need are also determined by the kind of company structure; Corporations, LLCs, and Partnerships.

Having workers, depending on the number, may need the acquisition of additional permission or a company license. Some company licenses demand certification in particular areas, and you must maintain that certification. A business license is normally needed to be renewed yearly. If you need assistance determining which business licenses and permits you require, please contact us at (510) 830 8771.

Different Types of Business Licenses

To operate lawfully in the United States, businesses of all sizes, from home-based companies to small eateries, must apply for permits and licenses. Common business operations that need a company license or license include:


Animals, animal-based products, biotechnology, or plants for retailing, trading, or transportation.

Alcoholic Drinks

Selling alcoholic drinks at a retail store.


Operating and maintaining airplanes and delivering commodities via air.

Weapons, ammunition, and explosives

The sale, manufacture, or importation of weapons, ammo, and explosives.

Fisheries and Wildlife

Any activity involving wildlife business dealings.

Transportation via Sea

Selling maritime transportation or sea freight.

Drilling and mining

On federal lands, mining for natural gas, oil, or minerals.

Nuclear Power

Creating or managing nuclear energy.

Broadcasting on radio and television

Radio, tv, satellite, or cable broadcasting

Logistics and transportation

Having a company that uses an excessive or overweight truck.

The licenses and permits you’ll need, as well as how much they’ll cost, will vary by state and depend on your business’s activities and location. Other licensed business operations include: 



Dry Cleaning 





Vending Machines

Some licenses and permits have an expiration date. Keep track of when they need to be renewed to prevent the fines and losses that come with having your license suspended, your company dissolved, and your business name took over by someone else. If this is an issue for you, consider our authorized agency, and we’ll ensure you never skip a formal notice. Also, if you’re not sure what license you need or which organization can supply it, give us a call at (510) 830-8771 for a free consultation. 


Do I require a business license?”

Yes, demonstrably! The repercussions of failing to get the proper licenses, permits, or certifications for your organization might be much more onerous than obtaining them:

The government may suspend or shut your operation.

Penalties and interest costs for noncompliance.

Government authorities may take your assets.

The public or private organizations could sue you.

Denial of a license for neglecting to get one in the first place.

The amount you pay for getting the necessary licenses and permissions is deductible as a startup expenditure. Investing a little time and $99 now can save you a lot of trouble later. We make it simple; you can even do it online with us.

Information needed to provide while applying for my Fremont company tax certificate

A business tax form is a three-page application that asks for information about the company you want to create and contains questions like:

1. If you’re changing your company’s name, moving, establishing a new location, launching a new venture, or changing owners.

2. Company name

3. Corporation name 

4. Business physical address

5. All company contact details

6. Details about the business activities

7. Kind of ownership, if you’re a single proprietor, an LLC, an LLP, a corporation, or a business partnership.

8. You must provide your seller’s permit number, Federal Tax ID number, and professional license, if applicable.

9. If your business includes retail sales, wholesale, warehousing, manufacturing, real estate, an admin office with no sales, professional services, R&D, and/or property management.

10. Date of establishing the corporation in Fremont city

11. Employee count

12. Whether your company imports or exports 

14. If you share space with another company

15. Address your off-site storage facility or corporate yard, if applicable

16. The names, contact details, valid driver’s license numbers, and SSN (social security number) of all owners

17. The owner’s or authorized agent’s signature declaring that you have provided correct and factual information

 It is a complicated work and it is important that the process should be handled professionally, well Bay area accounting solutions can help you with this, contact us on (510)830 8771.

What if I want to run my company from home?

In addition to your company tax certificate, you will need to get a Fremont Home Occupation Permit. The City of Fremont website has an application form that you can fill out and print. The application includes a brief part that includes your company’s name, contact information, and descriptions of your business’s operations.

It also outlines specific regulations such as the percentage of your home that may be used to operate your business, the fact that no one other than your immediate family who lives in your residence may work in the Fremont home business, and that you will not make traffic rush of more than ten vehicles per day, and that no more than two vehicles will ever be at your place of residence at the same time.

Your company may not have a negative influence on the area, and you may not generate more than 30 pounds of solid garbage every week. Certain operations, such as automobile sales and maintenance, bike repair, massage parlors, fortune telling, and so forth, will be prohibited as Fremont home occupations. This is simply a selection. You should get acquainted with the forbidden actions. Various more requirements must be followed or your Fremont home occupancy permit will be canceled.


What fees may I anticipate incurring?

There will be a charge for submitting your request for the Fremont business tax certificate, which must be renewed on an annual basis. Additional costs may apply if you need to get separate permissions or approvals. To inquire about extra costs, call the Revenue Division at (510) 494-4790. 

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