Forming an LLC

LLC refers to Limited Liability Company. This type of company is a hybrid structure such that it has various limited liability characteristics of a corporation, it is tax-efficient and is quite flexible in terms of its operation just like in a partnership. For LLC, its owners are called members.

Advantages of LLC Structure

  • The LLC structure doesn’t involve any taxes at the business level.
  • The profit and loss allocation is more flexible in this structure.
  • The members are not responsible on a personal level for any debts or liabilities arising into the LLC.
  • In case any new members are to be added to the LLC, a written consent of other LLC members is to be mandatorily obtained.
  • Company management can be easily structured by the members.
  • The LLC structure has a high credibility as compared to corporations.
  • There are almost no ownership restrictions like that in the case of a corporation.
  • The recordkeeping is limited for an LLC.

Steps Involved in Forming an LLC

  • Choosing a business name for LLC
  • Filing of Articles of Organization
  • Creation of an Operating Agreement for LLC
  • Getting business Licence and Permits
  • Hire employees and announcement of business

Note: Not all states will follow the same sequence or require all the above steps to Forming an LLC . Therefore, is necessary to understand the rules of the state in which LLC is to be formed.

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