WBENC Certification Application- BAAS

Documentation Required for WBENC Certification Application

WBENC Certification application

The documents necessary to process a WBENC Certification application are listed below. Gather all documentation ahead of time before beginning your online application.


Here are a few things you should be cautious of:

For completion of your online application form, all docs will be posted to (WBENC Certification) WBENCLink2.0.

For ‘mandatory’ documentation, you must supply the record OR a written letter explaining why it is being excluded and/or is not relevant to the firm.

If a memo is marked “Required,” you must provide it. Tick the Not Applicable option if it is irrelevant to your organization.

Failure to present the essential paperwork to determine the company’s eligibility results in a refusal.

Your designated RPO and/or WBENC Certification retains the right to seek further paperwork, if required, to assess your firm’s eligibility for WBE and WOSB certification (for application of WOSB certification).

Kindly do not share password-protected documents unless you provide the password in the File Description.

Unless otherwise specified, all company structures must meet the same standards.

PLEASE NOTE: All papers will handled with the highest care and secrecy.



• Signed Sworn Affidavit

Approved and signed by the female business owner and certified by the United States or one of its territories authorized notary.

• WBENCLink2.0 User Agreement

Signed by the female majority owner

• Non-Refundable Processing Fee

 Should paid through a credit card or mailed check

NOTE: If your firm chooses to send in a cheque, the procedure will not commence until your allocated Regional Partner the Organization receives the payment.

• Business History

Explain the origins and background of your firm including when, when, why, and how the company was founded/acquired, as well as a description of the company’s principal business.

Professional and/or commercial license(s) (if applicable)

Credentials of all owners, members of the board, and essential members of management teams Biographies not acceptable substitutes

Resumes should include relevant professional experience

Power of Attorney affecting corporate ownership/management



For identity verification reasons, one of the papers requirements mentioned below must be a picture identification.

  • Proof of sexuality for female owner (s)
  • A copy of your current US passport, birth certificate, or driver’s license.
  • Proof of United States citizenship or Permanent Resident status for the female owner (s)
  • Color U.S. passports



  • Mandatory financial statements for the firm
  • A financial statement that corresponds to most recent tax return filed.
  • A balance statement that corresponds to the most current tax return filed.
  • Submit simply an initial balance sheet for a new firm that has been in existence for less than a year.
  • Three years’ worth of Federal Income Tax returns must submitted with to the IRS.
  • Contains the current and previous two years’ federal income tax returns for the company, including associated schedules and statements.
  • For firms less than three years old, replace individual federal income tax returns for the appropriate number of years, with all schedules and statements attached.
  • you may black out all social security numbers and dependent names. While filing personal tax returns,Ppersonal tax returns must be filed by any individual who owns 10% or more of the company.
  • If your company has filed for an extension, for the most recent tax year, submit extension paperwork.
  • please note that this is an unofficial tax return and backed by the official Form 1040 submitted to the IRS (for sole proprietors) if Company information is filed on a Schedule C.
  • Submitting just state returns will cause your submission to delayed in processing.
  • Please supply copies of the following presently active papers (included in the Liabilities section of the company’s Balance Sheet):
  • Loan Agreements Note Payables Promissory Notes Surety Agreements Security Agreements
  • Debt Instruments
  • Rental and purchase agreements for equipment, or evidence of equipment purchase
  • Property leases
  • Mandatory copy of bank signatory authorization card 
  • Your banking institution should furnish you with this paperwork if the thing or your monetary foundation doesn’t deliver this data. Kindly have your monetary establishment compose a letter on its letterhead showing the organization name, sort of records held. And account opening dates. Who has a signature expert for those records, as well as any expectations/limitations relating to signatory authority (for example two marks expected for sums more noteworthy than $10,000).
  • Evidence of capital as well as venture value by female owner(s) {mandatory}
  • Any record demonstrating the method by which the female owner(s) got her possession interest (for example dropped checks, opening bank proclamation, evidence of stock buy, composed articulation by the proprietor, rundown of contributed skill, and so forth.)


Workforce and the executives

  • Rundown of all full and part-time representatives by name, position, and services or date of recruit, including all proprietors {mandatory}
  • Representative salary for the month prior to presenting the application {mandatory}
  • Indicate the time frame of the payroll interval on the document
  • For every worker, list his/her name, title/position, hours worked for the payroll interval showed, gross compensation for the payroll interval demonstrated, time-based compensation rate as well as commission acquired in the period (if relevant)
  • Information is expected for inward workers, not the individuals who are rented to/from different organizations
  • W-2s and additionally, 1099 structures from each official, chief, or proprietor getting pay from the organization for the latest year {mandatory}
  • Trust agreement(s) that include the larger part of female owner(s)
  • Representative Stock Possession Plan Arrangements (ESOPs)

Submit duplicates of the accompanying documents that are as of now active:

  1. Management/counseling arrangements
  2. Any concurrences with people or potentially sellers who are giving administration/counseling administrations to the candidate organization
  3. These are arrangements that impact the administration or potentially activities of the candidate organization
  4. Try not to submit client arrangements between the candidate organization and its clients
  • Service arrangements
  • These are arrangements that impact the everyday tasks, including the creation or potentially appropriation of the candidate organization’s item or administration 
  • Affiliate/auxiliary arrangements
  • A connection is a relationship where 5% or even more of an organization’s stock is held by a parent organization
  • An auxiliary relationship is one where half or to a greater extent an organization’s stock is held by a parent organization
  • In the event that the partner/auxiliary organization is an ensured WBE, if it’s not too much trouble, incorporate a duplicate of the WBE declaration; in any case, incorporate just the understanding
  • Franchise Arrangements (if appropriate)
  • Union Understanding (if relevant)


NOTE: Necessities Vary BY BUSINESS Construction.

Sole Ownership

  • Assumed Name Records
  • partnerships
  • Document of partnership agreement terms {mandatory}
  • limited partnership Declaration
  • If the Candidate is a limited organization, present a testament of presence and a duplicate of the declaration of the restricted organization given by the state of formation
  • agreements for buy-out rights
  • profit sharing agreements

*Must be marked and dated.

  • incorporation certificate
  • Articles/Sanction of Incorporation {mandatory}
  • Current corporate ordinances with all amendments {mandatory}
  • Minutes from the investors’ first associative meeting {mandatory}
  • Minutes from the first meeting of top managerial staff {mandatory}
  • Minutes from the investors’ meeting regarding current ownership {mandatory}
  • Minutes from the top managerial staff’s meeting about current ownership {mandatory}
  • Minutes from the latest meeting of investors {mandatory}
  • Minutes from the latest meeting of top managerial staff {mandatory}
  • certification from the Board Secretary guaranteeing the names, titles, and orientation of all ongoing board members from the governing body {mandatory}
  • Both sides of ALL stock certificates gave, including voided as well as dropped {mandatory}

Limited Liability Company

  • Certificate of Organization/Existence/Formation of a Limited Liability Company (for businesses in states that got certificates)
  • Articles of Organization as well as any obligatory revisions
  • Mandatory LLC Regulations, Operating Agreement, and/or Member Agreement
  • Mandatory Member List with Positions and Gender
  • A timeline of advances made to the LLC by members over the last three years.
  • Proof of authorization to conduct business in the state where the LLC is based, if it is an out-of-state LLC.


Limited Liability Company

  • Certificate of Organization/Existence/Formation (for businesses in states that issue certificates)
  • Articles of Organization or Articles of Formation and any amendments {mandatory}
  • LLC Regulations, Operating Agreement and/or Member Agreement {mandatory}
  • Member List with Titles and gender {mandatory}
  • Schedule of Advances made to LLC by members for the preceding three years
  • If an out-of-state LLC, proof of authority to do business in state where LLC is headquartered


All businesses seeking WOSB Certification in addition to WBENC Certification and WBE Certification must also submit:

  • Printout of the first page of System Award Management (SAM) Registration showing an “Active” status.
  • Partnerships, Corporations, and LLCs must submit one of the following:
    • First page of IRS Form 941 (Quarterly Tax Return) for preceding 12 months OR
    • W-3 (Transmittal of Wage & Tax Statements) for past year; OR
    • List of all employees, if Forms 941 or W3 are not available for the past year


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