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It is the most extensively used and acknowledged accreditation for women-owned companies in the United States.

Women-owned businesses gain access to a vast network of support through certification to boost growth and ability, and connectivity and mentoring opportunities with the number of female entrepreneurs and their supporters.

WBENC is also a mediator certification body for the Small Business Administration’s (WOSB) Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contracting Program.


WBENC certification verifies that a company is, directed, operated, and controlled by a woman or women at minimum 51 percent of the time. This implies that one or more women must have complete control of the firm, have proven management of regular operations, and have invested a proportional amount of cash or skills. To get accredited, company owners must go through a rigorous verification procedure that includes a review of business documents as well as a site visit.

WBENC Certification is regarded as the benchmark for women-owned company certification because of its rigorous procedure. And it is recognized by over 1,000 organizations, as well as several provinces, cities, and other institutions.

Women-owned firms that have been accredited are known as WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprises or WBEs.

The certified women-owned businesses are acknowledged as WEBs- women’s business enterprises. 


The following are the advantages of WBENC certification for women-owned businesses: 

• Formal and informal business possibilities with Commercial and Govt. Members, as well as other WBENC-Certified WBEs

• Networking events, purchasing opportunities, mentorship, executive education, capacity-building programs, as well as other professional tools and resources are all available.

• Possibility of receiving local and national acknowledgment and prizes.

• Use the Women Owned Logo and the Women’s Business Enterprise Shield as marketing devices to advertise your firm and increase its exposure.

• A supportive community of other female company owners who are all committed to the development and accomplishment of women-owned enterprises.

• Access to procurement and supplier diversity leaders at hundreds of large U.S. firms and national, state, and regional government bodies who recognize WBENC Certification.


WBENC collaborates with 14 Regional Partner Organizations around the U.s, including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands, to provide WBENC and WOSB licensing for women-owned companies.

Women-owned enterprises must undergo lengthy paperwork and site inspection procedure in order to be certified as Women’s Business Enterprise.

Determine your eligibility.

WBENC certification verifies that a company is owned, directed, administered, and managed by a woman. She should have at least 51 percent of the ownership. This implies that one or more women must have complete control of the firm, have proven management of regular operations, and have invested a proportional amount of cash or skills 

Gather Required Documentation

We suggest collecting all essential documentation in advance before requesting certification online.

General company details, ownership eligibility, financial structure, staff & management details, and governance information will be provided by you.


Fill out the online application

After ensuring that you satisfy the certification requirements and assembling your documents, the next step is to register for an online application on WBENCLink2.0. (link)

Before submitting your application, thoroughly review it. You can anticipate paying a non-refundable processing charge.

Examining & Visiting the Site

WBENC employs a two-step procedure to guarantee that every WBENC-Certified company satisfies our criteria and requirements. This comprises a detailed assessment of the material supplied as well as an interview with the female owner during a site visit (s).

Your application will processed by a Regional Organization near you, which will entail verifying that all paperwork is complete, examining your request with a Certification Committee, and organizing a site visit with the owner.

From the time your submission is judged complete, the review procedure takes around 90 days.

Determination of Certification

Your Regional Partner Organization’s Certification Committee will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your application to ensure that your company satisfies our certification standards. Certification Boards skilled and confidential teams of volunteers from Qualified Women’s Business Enterprises, companies, government, and community organizations.

When an outcome is reached, your Regional Group will tell you by email and letter.

You’ve been accepted!

As a WBENC-Certified WBE, you will be eligible for a variety of advantages as a WBE. Once qualified, follow our checklist to familiarize yourself with the system, download logos, and optimize your certification. Remember to create a reminder for recertification!


The non-refundable application and recertification processing cost is based on yearly gross income as shown to the federal tax department and is split into five (5) levels. Please specify the income range in which your firm falls to determine the appropriate charge.

Revenue Category 

• Below $1 million: $350 

• $1 million: $500 

• $5 million: $750 

• $5 million-$50 million: $1,250

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