Form LLC-12 Fundamentals and Costs Included - Bay Area Accounting Solutions

Form LLC-12 Fundamentals and Costs Included – Bay Area Accounting Solutions

Form LLC-12

Form LLC-12 must be filed with the state Secretary within ninety days of submitting your Articles of Association.

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 LLC-12 is often known colloquially as a Statement of Information.

Form LLC-12 Fundamentals

All international and local limited liability companies must submit a Statement of Information. This document must be lodged with the Secretary of the State and must be filed within 90 days after filing your Articles of Association. Every other year, at the relevant filing time, you must submit a Statement of Information.

The filing period for a limited liability corporation is the month in which the appeal for Registration or Rules of Organization was initially submitted, as well as the five months immediately before this date. If you formed your LLC in an odd-numbered year, you must file an application LLC-12 in every odd-numbered year.

LLCs must submit Form LLC-12 although they are not in operation at the time the filing period arises. If you do need to alter information from a prior SOI, you can resubmit the form. If there have been no modifications, you can submit the LLC-12NC form with the required information.

This form is also known as a Statement of Information, among other things:

• Annual Report 

• Semi-Annual Report

The goal of Form LLC-12 is to maintain your limited liability company’s information up to date. It is also used to record changes to your LLC, such as: 

Your company’s address

The Registered Agent of your LLC 

The names and addresses of firm members, managers, or the CEO

This form was previously known as LLC-12R.

If your LLC’s member or management exceeds more than one, you must include information about these individuals on Form LLC-12A. This also known as the Attachment to Information Statement. Forms LLC-12 and LLC-12A must filed concurrently. For filing provisions, for example, see California Corporations Code section 17060.

LLCs are required to file a State of Information form in both the state where the company was formed and any other states where they have registered to do business.

Filing Tips for Form LLC-12

To obtain Form LLC-12 in your state, go to the state secretary’s website and request a copy. After completing the form, submit it together with the requisite money to the Statement of Information Unit. In addition, you can present your signed Form LLC-12 in person. The Statement of Information, unfortunately, cannot filed electronically.

If your LLC has not changed since you last submitted Form LLC-12, you can submit Form LLC-12nc. To register a Statement of Information, LLCs must be active. If you fail to submit your SOI for numerous years, your LLC may suspended.

You may verify the status of an LLC by using the Secretary of State’s Business Search. When an LLC is abandoned or suspended, the firm might reinstated by settling the matter with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB). You may reach the FTB by phone or through their website.

Penalties and Fees for Form LLC-12

When submitting Form LLC-12, you must pay a $20 fee. If you pay by check, please make the payment to the Secretary of State.

You will not charged a fee if you file an SOI to modify your LLC. Certified copies of your SOI are available for $1 for the first page and $0.50 for each subsequent page. Copies can certified for an $8 cost if they filed with your statement. If you got late for the filing process, you may assessed a $250 penalty.

If you did not file your SOI, the Secretary of State holds the right to forfeit or suspend your entity’s licenses, rights, and powers. These fines canavoided by submitting an Application for Waiver of Liability. You will have thirty days after receiving a liability notification to submit it. You need to explain a valid reason why you were not able to submit your form on time in the first place when you submit your waiver request. Your reasons for submitting late must be “good cause,” and you must sign this release upon penalty of perjury.

Still Need Help?

If you still need help with the whole process of filing the LLC-12 form you can always approach us to keep it updated. It is very common that you missed filing it as you have to file it every other year as well as you also have to update the changes timely other it can also cost you your license. You can reach us at +1(510) 830-8771 or you can also mail us at [email protected]


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