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Easy Guide to Importing to the United States

When any business entity or individual wants to bring any goods to the USA. There is a lot of paperwork and involvement of authorities and customs brokers. It’s the most important task is to do it in the correct manner so that there should not be involvement of any penalty or other legal compliances. 

But beware, all the professionals or brokers you hired do not follow every time all the compliances and also don’t do all the paperwork in the correct manner. You are the person who is responsible for all that, irrespective of how much you have paid for the services and all.

So, what you can you do to make it easy and ensure that there should no breach of any government regulations. All the data you are providing to government agencies should correct. And no charges should be neglected, and all the fees should be paid off within the time limit.


Confidential Information

You can check your import data filled by professionals and brokers by using the portal Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Secure Data Portal.  There are numerous reports available once you have access to the portal.

You can validate your data on the following aspects

What can you find out using the ACE reports?

What brokers have filed an import entry on your behalf?

Do they have your permission to all data they filled in there?

Is anyone else using your company’s tax ID/IOR?

Brokers could be using your identification for other businesses for their benefit.


Process of Import to the USA:

If you are new to import, there are a lot of requirements fulfilled and paperwork needs to done you can consider the following process for this:

When an importer purchases goods these are dispatched by the proper mode of transportation to him.

The shippers receive the bill of landing later on which is used by the importer to register an entry with CBP.

Import to the USA, as per 10+2 rules, Electronic Cargo Declaration must transmitted to CBP 24 hours before the cargo is loaded on the vessel. Which helps CBP in determining whether the goods need to be examined upon arrival.

Once the shipment reaches and all clearances have been taken from CBP the goods are temporarily stored in the shipyard.

The importer is notified about the containers and details of pickup are shared.

Now importer has to file entry documents with CBP at the port of arrival. This is the formal request for customs release. The importer can file this by himself or can use a customs broker.

Entry documents must be filed on the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) System within fifteen days of the shipment’s arrival. The importer may need to present other documents for completing the entry of goods depending upon the situation.

When the value of the import is more than $2500 USD a custom bond must be served for clearance of goods from customs.

If goods are selected for being examined, CBP will inspect the shipment to determine if the goods are admissible. If any inconsistencies are found, they will detained and can be seized. However, in some cases, the importer is allowed to re-export the articles.

If the goods are guided for the examination, then the board will inspect the goods to find out whether. They are admissible or not and if they are found good has been cleared to the importer or are detained in other cases.

Once the goods are cleared for entry. Entry summary documentation is filed, and estimated duties are deposited within 10 working days of the entry of the merchandise at a designated customhouse. The key document in this process is CBP Form 7501. Apart from this, any other documents or invoices that are necessary to assess duties or collect statistics must also be filed.

The important document in this process is Form 7501 and other clearance documents and invoices.

Now importers can pick up the goods from predetermined locations.


Important Documents:

Invoices of shipment

Bill of landing

Details of goods

CBP FORM 7533 or CBP FORM 3461

Evidence of bond (if required)

Details of entry.

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