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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in California

Bookkeeping & Accounting Bookkeeping Tasks of Bookkeeper What does a Bookkeeper charge? 4 Benefits of Bookkeeping Services to Small Businesses Accounting Task of accountant What does an accountant charge? Difference between bookkeeping and accounting tasks conlusion Introduction Are you thinking to hire an accountant or bookkeeper? You will surely want to know about these two […]

File Form LLC-12 in Fremont, CA - BAAS

Form LLC-12 – Bay Area Accounting Solutions

What Is File Form LLC-12? Form LLC-12 assists the state in keeping track of address changes, managers, agents, and members of LLC. The form, which was previously known as LLC-12R, also referred as the Statement of Information (SOI), form. Section 17060 of the California Corporations Code contains information regarding statutory filing. The Form LLC-12 is […]

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