Individual Taxes

Individual Taxes

With this regularly changing and complicated individual Taxes laws, filing a relatively simple return can be very overwhelming and confusing. We pay attention to every detail and discuss them with our clients and make sure that all the qualified credits and deductions are applied. At the end of filing, our clients will have a good understanding of their tax situation and can plan better for the future.

  • 1040 Tax Forms
  • 1099 Tax Forms
  • 1098 Tax Forms

Bay Area Accounting Solutions is Specialized in:

  • Federal and State Tax Amendments
  • ESPP/RSU/ISO Reporting
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and Credit Calculations
  • Unemployment compensation Reporting
  • Married Filing Separate Returns in community property states
  • Foreign Income Reporting and Foreign Tax Credit
  • ITIN processing for Taxpayer’s Spouse, Dependents, foreign individuals with special requirements
  • Dual Status tax filing for qualified Taxpayers
  • Non Resident Tax filing for F1/J1 visa holders
  • Education Credits for qualified Taxpayers

Tax Refund Updates

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