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File and Publish your California Fictitious Business Name (DBA) Now!

Bay Area Accounting Solutions specializes in California Fictitious Business Name (DBA) filing and publishing. We have an easy online form to help you prepare your document. We take it from there. Having access to all California counties, including Los Angeles county, and connections with local newspapers allows us to expedite your filing.

Step 1: Contact Us and Inform about Name.

Step 2: We check for name availability and then email you the form for signature.

Step 3: After we receive the signed document, we file and publish your new DBA in the county.

Once filed, the document is ready for publication. We have a statewide network of newspapers ready to receive your filed document.

  • Sole Proprietorship and General Partnerships can utilize Fictitious Business Name to conduct business, enhance credibility and open a business bank account without the need of incorporating.
  • Corporations and LLC’s can carry out business transactions using Fictitious Business Names – very helpful for businesses that offer new services and/or products.
  • There is no set limit on the number of Fictitious Business Names a business can have.

Some counties or states may require that you publish your Fictitious Business Name(s) in the appropriate publication and re-file publication with the appropriate county or state agency. This helps to inform consumers of services associated with your main company, if it is a corporation or LLC.


Make sure that the desired Fictitious Business name does not deceive or mislead the public about the kind of business or services provided by the DBA. For businesses that are not registered as a corporation or an LLC do not include any variation of corporation or limited liability company in the Fictitious Business Names. Sole Proprietorships and General Partnerships do not have to be incorporated, but the same rule applies to them too; SP’s and GP’s cannot have any variation of corporation or limited liability company in their Fictitious Business Name.

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